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Facing the Water Crisis in South Africa's Squatter Camps

For South Africans living in slums crowded with makeshift homes standing side by side, residents battle to draw water from the very few water taps available.

Like countries the world over, South Africa is mandated to achieve universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all by 2030, but for many South Africans like 24-year old Thembisa Mzwakhe living in Diepkloof, South Africa’s populous slum area in Johannesburg, growing up in the shanty area with inadequate water supplies has become normal.

“I was born in Diepkloof, where I still live and like any other resident in the shanty homes, I still suffer the shortages of water supplies because we rely on few water taps set among homes where people come and queue for water daily for many hours,” Mzwakhe told IDN.

As if the water crisis was not enough, development experts note that South Africa also has inadequate infrastructure for providing sanitation facilities and encouraging hygiene at every level.

Adam Ojdahl

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