Ghanaian Sugar Farms to Benefit from Irrigation, Improved Seed Variety

Sugar cane farmers in and around Komenda have been handed a boost to expanding their farms following the Parliament of Ghana’s approval of a US$24,540,000.000 Indian loan facility to the Komenda Sugar Factory. The loan facility which was sourced by the Government of Ghana from the Exim Bank of India is to be used to finance the development of an irrigation system, and to facilitate the cultivation of sugarcane to feed the Komenda Sugar Factory. The company, therefore, is expected to use part of the money develop a sugarcane plantation and also extend support to the farmers, popularly known as out growers, to help produce sufficient sugarcane as raw material to feed the factory. Irrigation schemes are also expected to be developed under the project to serve the nucleus farms of the Komenda Sugar Factory and adjoining communities. According to a report of the Finance Committee of Parliament on the credit facility, out growers within the catchment area of the Komenda Sugar Factory will be assisted with improved seed variety and extension services to help increase production and to create jobs for rural youth.



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