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Case Studies of Building Resilience to Drought in the Horn of Africa

In Ethiopia, the cases are based on the watersheds of Abreha we-Atsebeha, Lake Hamaraya and Lake Ziway, all of which are susceptible to drought.

The people living in these areas are poor and face the daily challenge of food and water insecurity.

Their land is severely degraded as a result of soil erosion, deforestation, overgrazing and loss of biodiversity.

However, with the support of donors and public–private partnerships, they have been able to adopt integrated and participatory watershed management tools, and this has restored hope to their communities. The tools include enacting natural resource management by-laws, controlling soil erosion, and adopting water harvesting and drip irrigation. In addition to improving water security, these interventions have increased food production and regenerated the biodiversity of the areas.

Download the PDF from the link below:

Andrew Heavens

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