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UN: Modernizing Sub-Saharan Africa's Farming an Important Step

With Africa set to play an ever-growing role in feeding the world’s bourgeoning population, the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) stressed that the sub-Saharan region needs modern, efficient – and above all mechanized and environmentally sound – farming system to meet global demand and transform the lives and economies of millions of rural families.

A new FAO report launched today reveals for example, that farm mechanization can facilitate increased output of higher value products while eliminating the drudgery associated with human muscle-powered agricultural production. Improved livelihoods for small farmers means increased access to input supply chains and integration in modern food systems, resulting in improved incomes, numerous and renewed business opportunities, among other gains.

“Moreover, agricultural mechanization in its broadest sense can contribute significantly to the sustainable development of food systems globally, as it has the potential to render post-harvest, processing and marketing activities and functions more efficient, effective and environmentally friendly,” said FAO Assistant Director-General Ren Wang, head of the Agriculture and Consumer Protection Department in a news release on the report.

Neil Palmer/CIAT

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