World Food Day: Farmers Urged to Irrigate, Control Soil Erosion

There is need to adopt various mechanisms, including irrigation and erosion control, to avoid the effects of climate change on agriculture productivity, sector players have said.

The observation was made during celebrations to mark the World Food Day at Murori Marshland in Gishamvu Sector of Huye District, on Thursday.

The event was marked under the theme, “Climate is changing. Agriculture must change too.”

It involved several activities to prevent soil erosion, irrigation demonstration, as well as maize planting by participants who included Huye residents.

Fulgence Nsengiyumva, the state minister for agriculture, called for concerted efforts among all players to combat effects of climate change.

Pointing to drought that affected some parts of the country, Nsengiyumva said that “timely planting, irrigation, and erosion prevention were critical in efforts to guarantee food security.

Neil Palmer/CIAT


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