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Climate Refugees Part 1: Kporkporgbor, Ghana

Kporkporgbor used to be a key, vibrant coastal community in the Keta Municipality of the Volta Region. The community had more than 50 houses, a church, playground for children and a population of more than 500 persons. But today, the sea has swallowed all except one of the houses.

Kporkporgbor was the first Volta Regional village you would meet when travelling on the Atlantic Ocean from the Greater Accra Region in the direction of Ghana’s neighbouring country, Togo. It was a beautiful tourist site, unique for being the land area that separated the River Volta and the ocean. It constituted one of the 85 polling stations in the Anlo Constituency. But Kporkporgbor has virtually been wiped off the map of Ghana now.

Walt Jabsco

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