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Bamboo Bicycles Launched in Accra

The ‘Eco Ride’, which is made up of 75 per cent bamboo, is expected to enhance rural transport and also contribute to reduce the country’s carbon pollution.

The bicycle can be used to transport people to their farms and schools and also facilitate the delivery of items such as medical supplies to hospitals, particularly those in rural communities.

The bamboo bike is designed for all road conditions in the country.

Former President J.A. Kufuor, who unveiled the bicycle and its brand name in Accra, urged authorities at the local government level to enact by-laws to create an environment where those “who prefer to use these bicycles can ride them safely everywhere”.

“Such by-laws will help promote the use of bicycles in our communities and also encourage those who sit in the comfort of four-wheel drives to exercise our muscles,” he added.


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