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Off-Grid Energy Partnership Aimed at Women

The Women & Energy Challenge highlights the need to support technologies advanced by African women innovators and leaders who have lower access to finance than men in many African countries, where energy poverty disproportionately affects women. USADF President & CEO C.D. Glin said, "African women remain the cornerstone of the African family and community. They are leading their communities yet suffer the brunt of energy poverty. Ingenuity and innovation will be unleashed with these seed capital awards - and we can't wait to see the applications roll in."

Globally, less than 25% of the renewable energy workforce is women, a rate which is even lower in Africa. USADF and GE Africa are targeting the next generation of women entrepreneurs to provide financing and technical assistance for off grid lighting solutions.

Joyce Gema, a winner in the 2014 Off-Grid Energy Challenge, said, "Women entrepreneurs have been disadvantaged for a long time as they do not have access to credit through the formal banking system, and also lack skills to grow their businesses." While women have lower access to credit in many African countries, they also bear the brunt of energy poverty. With high rates of health-related problems from smoke and indoor pollution, women have the most to gain from renewable and affordable off-grid energy solutions.

Ollivier Girard/CIFOR

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