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Micro-Grids Opening Door to Rural Electrification

The growth of micro-grid solutions for power supply is gaining momentum across the globe, with both developed and undeveloped regions increasingly realising the value of energy solutions that do not depend on a centralised power grid. In the coming years, the most significant opportunities for micro-grids will be for rural electrification across sub-Saharan Africa. This is according to Mark Makanda, regional sales director for APR Energy, who says in a region where approximately 600 million people lack access to electricity, micro-grids are beginning to provide energy to areas long perceived as too difficult or uneconomic to connect to a national grid. Additionally, micro-grids have the potential to become the building blocks of a larger distributed grid in countries such as Malawi, where power supply is significantly less than the demand. "There have been a substantial number of micro-grid applications in sub-Saharan Africa so far," Makanda says. "Bringing electricity to these rural areas now means that they have access to proper medical care, lighting for schools, modern irrigation methods and sanitation."


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