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First Plane in Africa to Run on Biofuels

The first plane in Africa to run on biofuels took off the ground on July 15 this year. On-board were 300 passengers traveling from Johannesburg to Cape Town, South Africa. Although there was nothing peculiar with the flight, the jet fuel was a special one of its kind on this Boeing 737-800s that is operated by Mango and South African Airways (SAA):

It seems that tobacco plants have more to offer than just its end-product “cigarettes”, which is viewed in negative limelight due to the damaging health effects of smoking. The plants can be grown for other benefits, helping to sustain an establised industry.

The flight on the Boeing 737-800s coincided with Boeing’s 100th anniversary and centennial celebrations, and highlighted the poduction of local and sustainable jet fuel by Project Solaris, which is a partnership between Sunchem SA, SkyNRG fuel specialists.

Gage Skidmore

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