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Highlighting Female Solar Energy Entrepreneurs

What does it take to be successful women eco-entrepreneurs in the field of solar energy? First, it takes persons with vision for renewable energy and drive growth beyond what’s expected. Then it takes determination to acquire financing. Finally, it takes expertise in planning and execution to bring the idea to actual practice.

Allow me to introduce you to Wandee Khunchornyakong, whose ingenuity and wherewithal has brought 36 solar farms supplying 260 mw to Thailand. With help from the International Finance Corporation, her Solar Power Company is one of the largest solar power generation companies in Thailand today. She acquired permits when few others sought them and made plans to set up large solar photovoltaic plants in the sunny, rural areas of northeast Thailand.

Thailand aims to eventually increase solar energy production to 6,000 MW by 2036—or 9 percent of total electricity generation. That’s in large part to Wandee Khunchornyakong, who won the 2014 United Nations’ Momentum for Change award for her innovative efforts to address both the climate change and wider economic, social, and environmental challenges. Oh, did I mention she was listed as #47 inForbe’s Thailand’s 50 Richest?

Nick Blackmer

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