Impressive Statistics for Rwanda's Green Fund

Nearly four years after its founding, the environment and climate change investment fund (FONERWA) has created projects that now employ almost 60,000 people.

Bright Ntare, the Fund's programme manager, told The New Times that, to-date, Green Fund investments have restored more than 8,500 hectares of watersheds and water bodies and protected almost 13,000 hectares of land against erosion.

Ntare said: "The Fund has also supported tree planting and agro forestry on more than 21,000 hectares across the country. In terms of green growth, 6,807 households have improved access to off-grid energy.

"Projects funded by Green Fund are employing almost 60,000 people, supporting sustainable livelihood development in all corners of the country."

Alba Saray Pérez Terán/CIFOR


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