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Biodiversity Action Journalists Plant Trees in Gambia

Biodiversity Action Journalists (BAJ Gambia), in collaboration with Makusutu, recently embarked on a tree-planting exercise at Galoya community women’s garden.

Organisers said about 400 trees, including mango and cashew, were planted to help protect and preserve the forest.

Director of BAJ Samba Jawo, speaking on the occasion, said the tree planting is a very important gesture that will help complement other initiatives to protect the environment and guard against climate change.

He commended the departments of Parks and Wildlife, and Forestry for their continued support to BAJ Gambia since inception.

Lamin Jallow of the Department of Forestry said it is part of their mandate to preserve and protect the forest and one such way to do so is tree planting.

He commended BAJ Gambia for the move and called on the villagers to protect the planted trees.


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