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Ethiopia's Tree Seedling Transplantation Has Become 'Culture of the Nation'

In the past rainy seasons over 17 billions of tree seedlings have been transplanted through out the country. As the preparation of a seedling costs five Birr, the country spent over 85 billion Birr over the last four years. This and other natural resource conservation works across the country are attesting nation's climate change conscious move.

It is a fresh memory that worry has been looming following the El Nino induced drought the country has ever faced. However, the effort exerted for the development of forest and natural resource conversation over the past years has enabled the nation to cope up with the drought impact.

Transplanting varieties of tree seedlings for different purpose and conservation of natural resource works has become culture of the nation. As part of this effort, this rainy season seedling transplantation campaign has already been launched.

Michael Allen

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