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Opinion: We Need to Resource Farmers

Much has been said, discussed and debated about the challenges afflicting the agricultural sector, the backbone of this country's economy, but all needs to be done to ensure that the same old story of poor harvests is not replicated in the impending 2016/17 agricultural season.

With a few weeks to go before land preparations and other programmes linked to the summer-cropping season begin in earnest, timeous interventions are critical while all should be done to ensure minimal operational challenges in the farming sector. Agriculture has largely been affected by irregular rainfall patterns over the last few years and the teething problems resulting from the land reform programme. Efforts have been made to ensure the latter is redressed effectively.

Although it is without doubt that droughts have failed the sector, it is only progressive to also acknowledge that poor preparation and inadequate investment and attention to the sector have resulted in dire consequences that have had a ripple effect in the entire economy.

Charles Nhemachena/CDKNetwork

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