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Academy of Science South Africa Examines Africa's Climate Change Resilience

Representatives from African countries are gathered in Mauritius recently to deliberate on measures to counteract Africa’s vulnerability to the impact of climate change and the importance of scientific evidence to enable society to understand and respond to climate change threats. The Academy of Science of South Africa, in collaboration with the Mauritius Academy of Science and Technology, the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, and a range of other organisations, hosted a communication event to introduce a policymakers’ booklet on Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience inAfrica. The event was held on 4 and 5 July 2016 in Mauritius and was attended by some 60 representatives. Africa is the most vulnerable continent regarding the impact of climate change and faces innumerable development challenges that are expected to be exacerbated by projected climate changes. Of concern is the direct reliance of a significant proportion of the population on naturalresources, particularly, in arable and pastoral agricultural practices, but also through fishing and harvesting of natural vegetation for shelter, fuel, medicines and crafts. Present issues related to foodand water security, health and safety are likely to be compounded by projected climate changes. At the same time, populations continue to grow, placing additional stress on resources.


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