Two Technical Assistance Climate Projects Coming to Côte d'Ivoire

The Africa Climate Change Fund (ACCF) announced on 3 May the approval of two technical assistance projects totalling $0.8 million.

The AfDB said that the facility will strengthen the capacity of Côte d'Ivoire to access climate finance and integrate climate resilience into two trans-boundary projects in Togo and Benin and in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

A grant of $430,000 will support Côte d'Ivoire in enhancing its capacity to mobilise international resources to fight against climate change. The country's major development sectors are subject to very high climate vulnerabilities that already resulted in important economic losses and negative impacts in the local populations. The agricultural production has dropped significantly due to heavy crop losses related to seasonal disturbances and the country has also registered strong coastal erosion and flooding in the recent years.



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