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Opinion: Climate Change is a Battle of Interests Between Industrialized Rich and Africa

There is a battle of interest between industrialised countries and Africa on how to alleviate the effects of climate change leading to different conferences being held.

The much publicised were the Conference of Parties - known as COP15 - held in 2009; the United Nations, UN, climate talks in Warsaw, Poland, tagged the COP19 - the 19thConference of Parties 2013; the pre-COP planned for Venezuela in 2014. The most recent is the 21st Conference of Parties, also - known as COP21 - held in Paris in 2015.

Lakes are still drying in Africa, unpredictable rainfalls are being experienced, there is continuous rise of temperature, brunting weather molds, water supply and quality shortages, agriculture and food decline, human health worsening, shelter and ecosystems lacerating, erosion taking over landscapes, crop and food shortages and many others characterising the environment, upon governments and groups are gathering to talk about measures to arrest the effects of climate change.

Davide D'Amico

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