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Next 10 Years Critical for Africa's Transformation - NEPAD Chief

Citizens and leaders across Africa must work to ensure that the continent’s development objectives are achieved in the next 10 years or risk slipping back into underdevelopment, the Chief Executive of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), Dr Ibrahim Assane Mayaki, has said. NEPAD is a planning and coordinating technical body of the African Union that seeks to eradicate poverty and create sustainable growth on the continent. In an exclusive interview with The New Times’ Eugene Kwibukaand Anitha Kirezi following the recent World Economic Forum on Africa in Kigali, Dr Mayaki made it clear that it’s time for African countries to have clear national and regional development plans and fast-track their implementation. Dr Mayaki spoke about NEPAD’s work for Africa’s development. Excerpts;-

NEPAD was established in 2001 as a new initiative to overcome Africa’s problems such as underdevelopment, poverty, undemocratic regimes and lack of co-operation between African states. Fifteen years later, can you briefly describe what the programme has achieved?

OECD Development Centre

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