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New Partnership to Focus on Cocoa Industry's Sustainability

The World Cocoa Foundation (W.C.F.) has unveiled plans to embark upon a new program that will reinforce collaboration between the public and private sector to address the threats climate change poses to cocoa sustainability and the livelihoods reliant upon the sector.

During a Penn State’s Frontiers in Science and Technology for Cacao Quality, Productivity and Sustainability meeting held May 31, Tim McCoy, president of the W.C.F., announced the W.C.F.-led partnership will bring together ACDI/VOCA, USAID and the world’s principal chocolate and cocoa companies. The intent of the partnership is to develop solutions to climate and weather variability and deforestation.

It would mark the first time a partnership involving a multitude of stakeholders across the cocoa value chain has been brought together to combat imminent climate impacts on millions of smallholder cocoa farmers, national economies of cocoa producing countries and the global cocoa and chocolate industry, according to the W.C.F.


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