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Namibian Drought Forcing Farmers to Sell Livestock

More than 16 percent of the Namibian population is urgently in need of food support because of the impact of the 2015/2016 drought that has placed 578 480 people at risk of food insecurity.

The agronomic and livestock sectors have suffered the most severe impacts, with the country facing the worst crop performance in 80 years. This dire conclusion was revealed by Deputy Minister of Agriculture Anna Shiweda, who last week launched the African Drought Conference.

She said the impacts of droughts are multi-faceted and critical, as the effects play out at both national and household levels.

According to the ministry's official statement, 31.6 million people are now food insecure in the SADC region due to the ongoing El Nino and it is feared that this could rise to 49 million the current dry season. Namibians have witnessed the condition of livestock deteriorate and a rising number of livestock mortalities in various regions.

Leon Brocard

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