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Livestock Global Alliance Helping to Make Livestock Environmentally Sustainable

As nations attempt to usher in a new era of global development, seeking to satisfy both the Paris climate agreement and Sustainable Development Goals, there is one natural resource that has remained untapped.

The livestock sector's potential to meet many of the most pressing global challenges - from food and nutrition security to economic growth and climate change - has been somewhat buried beneath bad news. Concerns relating to greenhouse gas emissions and overconsumption of meat in the developed world are both valid and important, but do not tell the whole story about livestock.

Meeting both climate and sustainable development goals are a global challenge, and those in the developing world are starting the race from much further behind. Livestock offers a pathway for developing nations to accelerate progress towards several goals. In terms of poverty reduction, for example, we know that over 1.3 billion people depend on livestock for their livelihood, out of which approximately 0.6 billion are poor farmers.

Thomas Guillem

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