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Climate Change Among Factors Harming Key Cosmetic Ingredients

A lethal combination of war, climate change and human exploitation of resources is putting a huge strain on ingredients such as Moringa tree seed oil, which The Body Shop uses in its cosmetic and skincare creams, soaps, butters and mists.

Chief executive Jeremy Schwarz is calling for dramatic action to protect the world’s 35 “biodiversity hotspots” – in areas such as the Amazon, Sub-Saharan Africa and Indonesia – before it is too late. Clearly this is the right thing to do for the good of the world – but on a personal level, it will also help sustain the Body Shop business, he said.

“Our natural nuts, our leaves, our fruits come from some of the most endangered areas such as the Amazon and if they go our ability to source the ingredients we need will go with it,” Mr Schwarz told iNews.

Barry Stock

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