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UNEP Says Worst Impacts of Environmental Damage Reversible

The environmental change sweeping the world is occurring at a faster pace than previously thought, making it imperative that governments act now to reverse the damage.

A study published by UNEP shows that the world shares a host of common environmental threats that are rapidly intensifying in many parts of the world.

In Kenya and the entire African continent, land degradation, air pollution, and the provision of sanitation and safe drinking water are among the main problems.

Many of the region’s fisheries, both inland and marine, face overexploitation from illegal, under-reported and unregulated fishing.

The upside is that the continent has an opportunity to use its large young population to drive its growth. Low-carbon, climate-resilient choices can develop the continent’s infrastructure, accelerate industrialisation, increase energy and food production, and promote sustainable natural resource governance.

Benh Lieu Song

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