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Study: Morocco Will be Uninhabitable by End of Century

A study conducted by the German Max-Planck Institute published in the journal Climate Change says that part of the Middle East and North of Africa will be uninhabitable in the course if this century because of global warming and the dramatic rise of temperature in this part of the world.

The study says that temperature will rise to 50 °C in some countries, which would make life extremely difficult. It is estimated that about 559 million people in 29 countries (including Morocco) will be impacted by this cataclysmic change.

“On average in the MENA, the maximum temperature during the hottest days in the recent past was about 43 °C, which could increase to about 46 °C by the middle of the century and reach almost 50 °C by the end of the century, the latter according to the RCP8.5 (business-as-usual) scenario. This will have important consequences for human health and society,” the study says.

Andrea Moroni

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