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Gambia Assessing Technology Requirements to Meet Paris Commitments

The Gambia’s Minister of Environment, Pa Ousman Jarju, has said that the country is assessing technology needs for the implementation of the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

Minister Jarju’s remarks came as a record number of 177 countries, including The Gambia, signed the Paris Agreement in New York. The Agreement is coming into force at a critical juncture of the global fight to ensure lasting hope for peaceful human development.

The Parish Marks, as it’s widely called, is an agreement widely viewed as securing the future of the children of today and also meant to eradicate poverty and create green jobs while defeating hunger on the other hand.

Pa Ousman Jarju, who was speaking at a press conference in his office along the Kairaba Avenue on Wednesday, said it must be recognised that the agreement is coming into effect by 2020 in terms of implementation. He explained that the signing was just an intermediate step and that once 55 countries ratify it into agreement, which would encompass 55% of global emissions, then it would be effective in terms of an agreement.


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