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Sudanese Forestry Project Aims at Minimizing Emissions

The carbon stabilization is the first project for minimization of emissions to be carried out in the forests sector in Sudan aimed at marketing the idea of the global carbon market financed by the Global Environment Facility and International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) as part of the mechanism for minimization of the carbon dioxide emissions. The project is expected to be of benefit to some 10,000 families in the Butanah region.

According to the national director of the Sudanese carbon project, Sumaya Abdoun, the project is funded by a 3.650 million US dollar grant from the Global Environment Facility. It is a complementary program with the integrated Butanah Rural Development project of Gedaref and Gezira states which is financed by an IFAD loan of more than 10 million US dollars for the carbon project.

Abdoun added that the project would be carried out in four years' time 2014-2017 by the National Forests Corporation, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, the Butanah Development Corporation and the High Council for Environment and Natural Recurses.

Sylvan trees are planted over an area of 25,000 hectares, i.e. 10,000 feddans (acres), applying different methods, including forestation and reforestation and mixed farming systems.

The project is aimed at consolidation of the rural development friendly to the climate change by increasing the carbon stock and decreasing the net emissions of the warm gases in the country, preserving the rural development and the constant administration in the region of the project.


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