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Mozambique Film & Music Festival Focusing on Climate Change

Mozambique's Azgo Festival will again take place in Maputo on 20-21 May. Azgo is an international arts festival and a contemporary celebration of arts and culture, bringing together a diverse program of music, film and dance, with a strong focus on artists from Mozambique and from around the continent of Africa.

The Azgo Festival is all about promoting Mozambican cultural heritage and artistic life as well as promoting Mozambique as a destination for music lovers, whilst creating a platform to promote music exchanges between local and international artists and establishing a network with music events and initiatives in Southern Africa, on the continent and overseas.

Azgo Festival has a strong social responsibility mandate. In 2015, the theme was “Southern African Unity: Peace and Harmony”, this year the festival theme is on the crucial issue of climate change.

Azgo Festival has partnered with the Mozambican Association for Recycling (AMOR) to reduce its carbon footprint and ensure the best possible waste management practices are implemented. The festival donates 100% of festival profits to community-based organizations in Maputo.

Naoya Fujii

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