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Bamboo Farming a Green Answer to Deforestation

Africa has abundant reserves of bamboo plants that can help the continent build a green economy and join the global $60 billion worth bamboo trade. Bamboo can also help the continent address its deforestation problem.

According to Hans Friederich, director-general of INBAR, Africa’s growth in bamboo has “great opportunity”.

“The continent has vast reserves of largely untapped bamboo that, if properly managed, could benefit rural communities and promote green economic development,” Friederich told CNN.

Bamboo is used to make watches, bikes, scaffolding, chopsticks, flooring, furniture, building and roofing materials, paper, textiles and many other items.

Apart from that the plant, which can grow almost one meter a day, is a sustainable resource and can provide an environmentally sound way to alleviate poverty, while addressing the continents deforestation problem due to increased industrialization.


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