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‘Climate Change Presents Existential Threat to Global Community’ says Liberian Foreign Minister Kama

Foreign Minister Marjon Kamara is warning that unless concrete steps are taken to actualize the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, the world stands to suffer its devastating consequences.

The Liberian top diplomat said while it is equally important to take a critical look at the prospects of financing and development goals, the issue which brought Member States together in New York is essential for all because the issue of climate change concerns the existence of our planet. According to the dispatch from New York, Minister Kamara made the assertion when she delivered a statement on behalf President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf at the High-Level signing ceremony of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on Friday, April 22, 2016. Liberia’s foreign minister said there can be no denying that climate change and its effects present an existential threat to the global community including Africa which is threatened by an ever advancing desert, soil erosion on ocean fronts as well as unpredictable raining seasons.

Marjon Kamara

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