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Family Food Garden Feeds Community

As drought and a weaker rand conspire to raise food prices, families in South Africa's North West may be among the hardest hit.

Dinnertime at the Morake household can be chaos. With eight mouths to feed, preparing the nightly meal can be daunting – even more daunting were the grocery bills. "We realised we had to do something to feed our big family," said family member, Mphafudi Johannes Morake. With some farming experience behind him, Mphafudi took to the soil outside the family home and established a family food garden.

The garden's first harvest of vegetables like carrots, spinach and beetroot also held a pleasant surprise for the Morakes: There were leftovers. "After we were fed, there was always food left over," Mphafudi said. "As a family, we got together and decided to help support the disadvantaged people in our area by donating vegetables to them."

Andrew Malone

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