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Major Boot Camp Awarded to Tanzanian Environmental Organization

A Tanzanian start-up that recycles plastic into environmentally-friendly plastic lumber and a Kenyan company that makes sanitary pads from bananas have won a major science and technology boot camp in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Called GIST (Global Innovation through Science and Technology), the event was organized for for 80 “young and innovative entrepreneurs” by the US Department of State , VentureWell, the Climate Innovation Center, and South Africa’s The Innovation Hub.

Tanzanian start-up EcoAct are recycling consumer waste into plastic lumber, which it calls “an affordable alternative to timber, which reduces the need for building material manufactured from wood”. It believes this will help to preserve forests and ultimately have a positive effect on climate change, while its mission is “to create sustainable jobs for people in marginalized communities while conserving our environment and reducing effects of climate change by provide eco-friendly quality building products”.

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