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Africans Deserve Better Insurance Against Weather Damage

When life is already a struggle, a sudden disaster can have devastating effects. Families and communities can be driven in a downward spiral in which it will be their perhaps impossible to escape.

Often, it is not because of storms, droughts and floods that millions of people in Africa and many other regions live in poverty. But these events can be the final blow that ends the possibilities that these families to improve their lives. Millions of small impacts

This is why the negotiations taking place in Paris should not only focus on the huge global challenge of climate change, and the collective need to take bold action to reduce carbon emissions. They must also focus on the millions of small impacts due to climate change – and climate extremes resulting already – that affect the life chances of families across Africa and the developing countries.

Extreme weather events cause of course damage wherever they occur. But for the developing regions and the most vulnerable families, they can be the difference between hope and despair.

After all, farmers who practice subsistence agriculture have neither insurance nor savings allowing them to rebuild their lives. Likewise, national governments, regardless of their willingness to help, do not always have the resources or equipment necessary to provide support.

Bob McCaffrey

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