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Two Stories of Global Warming's Impact on Individual Lives

Climate change is always in the news but it’s easy to forget the human cost behind these scientific stories.

The increasingly unpredictable weather now means that 800 million people don't have enough food.

Serious flooding has ruined homes and crops in Bangladesh, and drought has left 34 million people hungry in Africa.

Across the world a shocking three million children die from hunger every year.

Here, two girls tell their harrowing stories how global warming has left them struggling to survive.

Amina remembers the days when feeding her animals meant taking a short stroll to grazing land near her home.

Today the 11 year old has to trek for four hours to take her flock of sheep to pasture.

A drought has ravaged her village in western Somaliland, causing harvests to fail and grazing land to disappear.

She says: “I take the sheep to a small town. If I leave my house at 8am, I reach there at about noon time. It’s tiring walking in the sun.

“The drought kills the livestock. There is no rain and no water and no green grass grows. I worry in case there is a fight between us and the people that have the farms. I’ve seen two fights."


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