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Uganda: Many People's Understanding of Climate Still Poor as Locals Blame Witchcraft for Deadly

Fishermen in Buliisa District who were hit by a devastating stormWe that left more than 27 people dead have attributed the tragedy to witchcraft.

Mr Norman Lukumu, the Bunyoro Kingdom prime minister, who visited the affected areas, said: "The fishermen told me they suspect the storm to have been caused by a group of people who converge at the Albertine rift to worship their gods before sacrificing animals in Lake Albert."

The fishermen, Mr Lukumu said, informed him that a group of worshipers believed to be from Kampala guarded by police, usually converge in the area to pray.

"... they have witnessed the group slaughtering sheep, goats and chicken on the banks of the water before they smear blood on their faces," he added.

Jeff Attaway

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