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Horn of Africa Drought Requires Action, Including in Somaliland

The Horn of Africa region has been hit by one of its worst droughts in decades, affecting 20 million people. According to the United Nations and aid organizations, close to 10 million Ethiopians could suffer from acute malnutrition or starvation unless help arrives.

In Ethiopia, the drought hit hard in its eastern Somali region (the least developed region of Ethiopia). The drought was caused by the lack of rain from two consecutive rainy seasons due to El Nino climate phenomena, which decimated vegetation, including rain-fed crops and pastures for livestock. The drought has caused thousands of nomadic people to walk days in search for food and water after losing their livestock. The United Nations and other aid organizations are appealing for money for drought relief; however, international response for funding is too slow to come.

Blame the world's slow response to the current disaster on donor fatigue from other competing tragedies in Syria, Yemen and elsewhere; and the lack of media coverage on the drought, because the U.S. media have been focusing on other topics such as the Republican presidential campaigns, the Syrian war, and terrorism in Europe.

Aid agencies and the Ethiopian government say $1.4 billion is required to provide relief and long-term care for 10 million people, in addition to the 8 million people the United States feeds at the cost of $100 million every year.


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