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AGRA to Double Incomes of 9 Million Small Holder Farmers

The Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) will soon announce a five-year strategic business plan that will, through direct AGRA intervention, double the income of 9 million small holder farmers in six African countries, including Ghana. The plan will also double the incomes of another 21 million more farm households through grantees, partners to policies and partnerships that increase productivity and access to market. At a stakeholder meeting held, Thursday, to brainstorm and ensure a perfect execution of the plan, Fadel Ndiame, head of the West Africa said AGRA will make use of an integrated approach to agriculture transformation in West Africa to achieve its objectives. This approach includes an adoption of improved technology by the farmers, access to inputs and markets and a great partnership with governments, donors and investors in the six countries where the project will be undertaken.


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