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Sudan Submits Memo of Understanding of 40 Million Dollar for Support of Green Climate Fund

The Minister of Environment , Rural Development and Natural Resources, Dr. Hassan Abdul-Gadir Hilal, noted that the Sudan government with cooperation with the United Nations Development Fund (UNDP) presented a memo of understanding to the green climate support fund amounted to 40 million dollar.

He said that the response to the memo will be in next June, in addition to a project for the support of the natural reserves with the amount of 5 million dollar, and another project for the environment support and improvement with the amount of 1,5 million dollar.

Dr. Hilal asserted importance of the water for its link with the environment and the vegetation cover, and the focus on water as fundamental factor for the development in the Sudan, pointed to a pioneer project to be established in the Nubian Basin with the cost of million dollar with the support of the UNDP, addition to a 10 million dollar for the projects of the integrated natural resources in the Sudan.


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