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Reclaim The Power — Climate Activists Looking To Disrupt Activity At A Dozen Fossil Fuel Sites Aroun

The climate change activist group “Reclaim the Power” will be looking to shut down a dozen “major” fossil fuel sites around the world in May, as part of its “Break Free 2016” campaign, according to recent reports.

Amongst the sites to be targeted is the largest opencast coal-mine in the UK, the Ffos-y-fran mine, near Merthyr Tydfil in south Wales. Other targets of the campaign will include sites in Australia, the US, South Africa, and Indonesia, reportedly. Notably, China and Russia appear to not be included amongst those to be targeted.

The above mentioned Welsh coal mine is roughly halfway into the extraction of around 11 million tonnes of coal deposits. A rep from the Reclaim the Power network, Ellie Groves, commented: “The only way we can stop catastrophic climate change is taking action to keep fossil fuels in the ground.”


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