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Nigeria: Katsina Losing Medicinal Trees to Desertification

About 15 indigenous trees of high economic and medicinal value are rapidly being lost due to desertification in Katsina, an environmental expert, Sade Abdullahi, has said.

Abdullahi, in a lecture entitled 'Desertification and Afforestation in Daura Emirate', said it was alarming to note that these indigenous tree species are going extinct and we must work to save them.

"Our generation may not see the consequences, but our children and their grandchildren will have no alternative but to live with them if nothing is done," he said.

Shedding more light, Prof. Sani Kallah attributed the loss to indiscriminate cutting down of trees which exposed the emirate to the dangers of desertification, loss of soil fertility and other effects of climate change.

He urged on all and sundry to plant a tree and nurse it to maturity as part of measures to prevent desertification and soil degradation in the area which, he said, was the most vulnerable to climate change.

Günther Flaig

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