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Free Online Permaculture Course in May 2016

And as part of an effort to aid the growing permaculture movement, a free new course at Oregon State University this spring may help you learn more.

"Part of permaculture is placing elements for efficient management as you move through the garden," said Andrew Millison, a permaculture instructor in the department of horticulture at OSU. "It's the most efficient garden system."

High-maintenance plants are placed closest to human activity. Lower-care plants go farther away because you don't need to deal with them as much.

"If a gardener pays attention to something, it grows well," Millison said. "If it's in your face, you'll pick a slug off, you'll pluck a tomato, you'll fix a trellis after the wind blows it down. So you place things that need high attention where they'll get it."

Millison, a longtime proponent, practitioner, designer and builder of permaculture systems, will teach a free, online course Intro to Permaculture Design from May 2-30. The massive open online course, or MOOC, is intended for anyone, anywhere, who wants to take a course from OSU. Registration continues through May 1.About 10,000 people are expected to take the class.

Brian Chiu

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