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Food Security is Attainable in the Greater Horn of Africa

Interest around food and nutrition security has been consistent in the past few months with different reports released globally and a host of international forums in Kigali examining the trends and impact of hunger and under-nutrition.

The latest of these has been the Compact2025 meeting this week that sought to “set priorities, innovate and learn, fine-tune actions, build on successes, and synthesize sharable lessons to accelerate countries’ progress towards ending hunger and under-nutrition.”

Last month also saw Kigali host the Greater Horn of Africa climate outlook forum (GHACOF42) in which the 2015 El Niño impact assessment was presented.

The assessment indicates that, among effect in other areas, food security in the region has trebled with the number of food insecure people in the Greater Horn of Africa having risen from 7.2 million in August last year to 20.4 million in February 2016.

Swathi Sridharan

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