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Cameroon: Climate Change - Rethinking the Impact, Mitigating the Consequences

Two books on the subject by Canada-based Cameroonian university lecturer, Dr Adrien Djomo, were launched in Yaounde on March 22, 2016.

Climate change is here with us and the consequences are all too evident to everyone. Most people understand the idea of climate change - at least through its negative consequences. As part of efforts to continue sensitising the public on preventing and limiting the impact of climate change, Dr Adrien Djomo, a Cameroonian-born lecturer with Queen's University, Kingston, Canada, launched two books on the subject on March 22, 2016.

The event, which held in the AGESFO Hall in Etoa-Meki, Yaounde, was moderated by Kabelong Banoho Louis-Paul-Roger, a PhD student with the University of Yaounde I. The books are the 144-page "Climate Change: The Earth In The Palm Of Our Hands" and "Climate Change Mitigation. Forest Ecosystems: Measurement And Modelling Of Biomass and Carbon," 423 pages long. They were both published by IFED Publishing House, Canada, in 2015. The two books cost 30,000 FCFA and will soon be available in local libraries.

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