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Manawatu's First Dung Beetles Released on Farm

Manawatu farmers could be calling on some small helpers to address effluent runoff issues.

Dung beetles are a new sight on Manawatu farms, currently only released on one site. Some were released at Federated Farmers Manawatu/Rangitikei provincial president James Stewart's farm last month and more were released at a workshop on Wednesday.

The small creatures come at a cost of $10,000 for a pack of about 10,000 beetles.

Te Mauri o Rangitane o Manawatu Te Ao Turoa environmental officer Paul Horton said they hoped to seed Manawatu with the beetles.

"It's quite an exciting time for us."

The beetles could eliminate effluent issues of point source discharge and diffuse discharge.

"The beetles bury the poo so there is nothing on the surface to wash into rivers," Horton said.

Dung beetles also offered advantages for farmers, as well as the environment.


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