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Malawi: Drought Brings Fresh Misery, Hunger to Flood Survivors

Deadly floods in Malawi robbed Fanny Josamu of her husband last year and now drought threatens her two children with starvation.

For weeks, Josamu has relied on unripened watermelons and vegetables to keep her small family alive in Chikwawa, one of the most disaster-prone areas in southern Malawi.

"When they eat the children collapse because it's not tasty and they can't eat enough," the 22-year-old fretted.

"If we don't get any help after this food finishes, our children are going to die," Josamu said as she collected a bag of maize, cooking oil and legumes being handed out by World Vision, one of a clutch of aid groups responding to an emergency that has left 2.8 million Malawians hungry.


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