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A Quest for Biofuels May Also Yield Food Security

Critics routinely dismiss the future of biofuels but, at the same time, fail to offer an alternative to fossil fuels.

Their arguments – that the cultivation of bio-energy crops should not compete with arable land, burden consumers with higher food costs or drive further loss of wildlife habitats – are the same markers used by advocates who are guiding the development of sustainable biofuels. And of course, biofuels must also play a significant role to reduce carbon emissions.

In short, we cannot let critics condemn the promise of all biofuels, when many segments of the industry are aggressively rethinking previous, unsustainable approaches.

At a time when the world is confronted with the realities of climate change – compounded by skyrocketing demands for energy, water and food – we must find commercial solutions to develop a future beyond fossil fuels. And biofuels can be part of the equation.

Steve Jurvetson

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