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Climate Change Will Increase the World's Cases of Deadly Diarrhea

Just about the only creatures on Earth thriving as a result of climate change are the pests that pose major health risks to people around the world. Bacteria, in particular, are enjoying the upheaval. They’re taking advantage of the cozier climate to expand their reach and infect hundreds of thousands of additional people every year.

In Bangladesh, where temperatures are expected to rise 0.8 degrees Celsius by 2035, a new study suggests that 800,000 additional people will suffer from E. coli-induced diarrhea. By the end of the century, with temperatures 2.1 degrees warmer than today, we can expect 2.2 million additional cases in Bangladesh alone.

“That’s just for one type of E. coli in one country,” Karen Levy, an assistant professor of environmental health at the university’s Rollins School of Public Health, told The Daily Climate.


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