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LCC Students Pitch to Help Promote Africa's 8000km Great Green Wall

The ambitious Great Green Wall initiative will see a nine mile-wide and 4,750 miles-long line of trees and plants grown through 12 African nations, across the Sahel region on the Southern border of the Sahara. The aim is to help prevent desertification and climate change, and in turn protect rural heritage, restore biodiversity, and improve living conditions for the local population.

The African Union project has been backed by heads of state across the continent along with world leaders, and has found support from regional and international organisations, many of whom have helped to co-finance the $2bn budget, including the World Bank, the EU and the UN.

As part of an ongoing initiative to help promote the wall, the UN has been working with brand consultancy venturethree, who recently crafted a VR experience. This was taken to the COP21 climate change event in Paris last year, which was attended by government ministers and heads of major funding bodies. It aimed to tell the inspiring story of the Great Green Wall in a tangible, compelling way and used moving image to show the progress happening on the ground, including a narrative of a young girl from a local community near to the wall, who was the same age as the wall itself.

Rod Waddington

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