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Fish Will Move Toward Poles as Ocean Warms, Affecting Poor Nations More

As fish go toward the Earth's poles as a result of climate change, fishermen in poorer countries will disproportionately feel the impact -- putting a strain on worldwide wealth resources, says a new study.

The report from researchers at Rutgers, Princeton, Yale and Arizona State University was recently published in the journalNature Climate Change. It includes findings that warming temperatures will disperse fish away from the equator, bringing about a "mass redistribution of wealth."

The team looked at data on fish migration, employing a mathematical formula to learn how their movement would affect developing nations' economies.

"What we find is that natural resources like fish are being pushed around by climate change, and that changes who gets access to them," Malin Pinsky at Rutgers said in a release.

This will probably affect areas in proportion to how strong their existing natural-resource management is, Pinsky reported in the release.

Lazlo Ilyes

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