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State and Regional Governments from Australia to Brazil are Sharing Learnings for Climate Policy Suc

Ministers from Australia and Brazil explain how collaboration through 'peer learning' driven by The Climate Group is helping adaptation policies succeed in their regions, in two exclusive Climate TV interviews.

State and regional governments were pivotal to the historic Paris Agreement that was made by national governments at the global climate talks last December, which has set ambitious emissions reduction targets to help secure a low carbon future.

During COP21, The Climate Group’s States & Regions Alliance – which has 35 members across the world – showcased many of its governments’ innovative climate actions and renewable energy targets, which were undoubtedly among the most impressive commitments shared in Paris.

To achieve such ambitious policies though, collaboration between both state and regional governments and citizens is seen as essential. In South Australia, for example, the government “talked to local communities and asked them what they want in terms of their need for climate change and adaptation,” says its Minister for Climate Change,Hon. Ian Hunter, in a Climate TV interview.


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